Hello everyone again,
More good finding for the rescue memoir:  I have recently visited the Moffett Field Museum in Mountain View, California and found an article regarding the rescue mission involving the P3 Orion and VP-40 squadron in the Moffett News published on 24 July 1980.  You can imagine how happy I am!  The volunteers at the Museum were very helpful and friendly.  I am now a member of the Moffett Field Historical Society Museum!  See the attached jpeg file for details of the writeup.
p.s. Thanks to Carl Honaker, John Shackleton and Mike Ragole for providing good lead to the write up and to the great Museum volunteers (Steve Yankovich, Rodger Logsdon, Eugene Choiniere, R.S. "Red" Brooks, Dan Sullivan and anyone else I might have missed) and last but not least my great friend Jim VanPernis for helping me retrieving the Moffett writeup.

Shelley McElheny