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This site is dedicated to all those who served aboard the USS Joseph Strauss.

April 20th, 1963 - February 1st, 1990


Vietnam ship's logs are now available for Free!

     We are happy to report that the USS Joseph Strauss Association now has in its possession a complete set of the deck logs from our Vietnam tours 1964 - 1973. The deck logs were acquired from the National Archives in Maryland. We were fortunate to have the assistance of a researcher who specializes in Navy history. We feel that the deck logs could possibly prove a valuable resource for VA disability claims if H.R. 2254 passes (see below). They are also undoubtedly a fascinating bit of history and will surely be an important addition to our Association's archives. In addition to the deck logs the researcher also was able to get copies of the ship's chronologies for each year. The chronologies, sometimes referred to as the ship's histories, are summaries of the ship's activities for each year written by whoever was captain at the time.

    The Deck Logs are available for download. Each Zip file will also include the ship's history for that year. The deck logs download files are divided by month for easy reference.

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